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Exclusive Information

With Polar Chefs, you will hear about exclusive information before anyone else. We provide you with information about shock drops, scratch drops, restocks, release dates and stock numbers before anyone else!


Blazing Fast Monitors

We provide blazing fast monitors for over 100 sites so you will never miss that restock. If any funko, sneaker or piece of streetwear drops anywhere, you’ll be notified. You will never have to worry about missing a drop with a Polar Chefs membership!


1 on 1 Support

We provide individual 1 on 1 quick support for anything related to funkos, sneakers, streetwear and more! Our mods are highly experienced with bots and manual copping alike and can help you understand your issue and solve it!


Backdoor Orders

Tired of missing out on release day? At polar chefs, we have connections with large sneaker retailers and backdoor you limited sneakers on release day, that way, you know for sure that you got the kicks you wanted. Sneakers we have backdoored include Off White, Jordans, Yeezys and more!


Early Links

We provide early links so you will be the first to be on the drop. Sites that were previously impossible to cop from will become a piece of cake. Our links are ATC (add to cart) for individual sizes and include variants for bot users!


Free Slots

One of the many benefits of Polar Chefs is that we provide heavily discounted and free autocheckout services for our Premium members. We have experienced bot users who will cop limited sneakers for you so that you can sleep while we do the work for you!


I think the server is great! Has fast monitors, responsive staff, and a lot of cool features other cook groups don’t have that make me love being a part of this community.
— FishPro
Fastest monitors on the block
— David D (Bronzz)
Polar Chefs helped me turn my success as a manual user into helping me setup a bot and start to cook. They have amazing staff and fast monitors. Exclusive access to Backdoor Orders, slots, as well as a new trivia bot.
— Tanner Sneaks
A very good group
— AtoM
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