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Increase your resell profits and cop more sneakers. Hundreds of members trust Polar Chefs to provide them with the best release information, monitors, early links and more to develop their resell business.

Group Features


Polar Chefs offers members with access to over ​250 ​monitors, providing unprecedented access to release and restock information on a regular basis. Never miss another restock or release, ever again!

Tools & Software

Utilize our in-house Free software to take your reselling journey to the next level!

Free Autocheckout Slots

Auto Checkout Slots allow Polar Chefs members to get their information ran on top-level bots. This way, members without bots can have the advantages of them without having to pay the price of one.

Lowkey & Brick Flips

Sneakers looking dry? Don’t worry, immerse yourself in our "Plus" server. "Plus" is included in everyone's membership at no extra charge. Access a variety of services which include but are not limited to, Buyers Portal, Flips , Cards, Consoles, Funkos, Freebies, Free Food, Free Gift Cards and more!

Release Guides & Alerts

Tired of searching hours for unreliable, base-level information on sneaker releases? Polar Chefs provides you with in-depth resell information on every single major sneaker release for every major site!


Our ongoing Partnerships within our community allows us to bring you all saught after Bots, Tools and Proxies. Companies such as Prism, SecretIO, Kodai, Chegg, SWFTiOS and many more can be seen within Polar Chefs on a regular basis.


We pride ourselves in providing in depth and detailed Written Guides, Video Guides and ongoing Seminars. The level of Education and Information found within Polar Chefs is unmatched. If you can think it, we have a Guide on it!

1 on 1 Support

Member satisfaction is the #1 priority at Polar Chefs, that’s why we have 24/7 1 on 1 support for all our members. Our worldwide support team is available around the clock to answer all your questions and listen to all your concerns.


See what our Members are saying about us!

Best cook I have ever joined top to bottom. You get enough daily info to pay for your membership every single month. From sneaker flips to lowkey flips you. There is a guide, link or support for almost any item that you can think of. Thank you to Solecity and Adie and so many others!


Amazing staff, Great Info, and lightning fast monitors


10 star's if I could. Great group for all types of if your a beginner your in the right place if your and Expert then again your in the right place! Friendly and very helpful staff they will lead you in the direction you are trying to go.

SauceBossKickz +++#1063

This is hands down one of the best and organized discords ever. They have helped me cop so many shoes in the past few months.


5 Stars staff,unique info and They take care of each of their members.


One of the best discords I’ve ever joined. Sometimes you join a discord and there’s a lot of elitism and egos among members, but it’s the opposite at Polar Chefs. Every member is respectful and helpful. The staff is constantly finding ways to help the community with seminars, restocks, and drop information. The membership pays for itself because the staff is always finding ways to make your money back and more. Join up!


Great group! I learned so much within the first 2 weeks. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and super fast to respond. The community is a great group of people. Highly recommend joining!


(3 month update) I am a 15 year old with no prior sneaker reselling knowledge. Just three months ago I had about 600 to my name I now have triple that at my disposal. If I can do you can to!! Polar Chefs 🔛🔝


Really enjoy this group there is multiple ways to make back the subscription they literally beg you follow the information to give you to make sure you can make the money back also amazing support 100% recommend


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Monthly Automated Renewal
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Exclusive Access to Partnerships
Exclusive Access to Polar University
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