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Increase your resell profits and cop more sneakers. Hundreds of members trust Polar Chefs to provide them with the best release information, monitors, early links and more to develop their resell business.

Group Features


Polar Chefs offers members with access to over ​250 ​monitors, providing unprecedented access to release and restock information on a regular basis. Never miss another restock or release, ever again!

Tools & Software

Utilize our in-house Free software to take your reselling journey to the next level!

Free Autocheckout Slots

Auto Checkout Slots allow Polar Chefs members to get their information ran on top-level bots. This way, members without bots can have the advantages of them without having to pay the price of one.

Lowkey & Brick Flips

Sneakers looking dry? Don’t worry, immerse yourself in our "Plus" server. "Plus" is included in everyone's membership at no extra charge. Access a variety of services which include but are not limited to, Buyers Portal, Flips , Cards, Consoles, Funkos, Freebies, Free Food, Free Gift Cards and more!

Release Guides & Alerts

Tired of searching hours for unreliable, base-level information on sneaker releases? Polar Chefs provides you with in-depth resell information on every single major sneaker release for every major site!


Our ongoing Partnerships within our community allows us to bring you all saught after Bots, Tools and Proxies. Companies such as Prism, SecretIO, Kodai, Chegg, SWFTiOS and many more can be seen within Polar Chefs on a regular basis.


We pride ourselves in providing in depth and detailed Written Guides, Video Guides and ongoing Seminars. The level of Education and Information found within Polar Chefs is unmatched. If you can think it, we have a Guide on it!

1 on 1 Support

Member satisfaction is the #1 priority at Polar Chefs, that’s why we have 24/7 1 on 1 support for all our members. Our worldwide support team is available around the clock to answer all your questions and listen to all your concerns.


See what our Members are saying about us!

Only Have had it for a couple days and have learned so much. Better than any other group I tried before. Worth every penny!!


customer service is AMAZING, they helped me with the aco and getting into the discord sever.


The only group you will ever need! They have all the bases covered whether it's helping you prep for a release, group buys, acos, monitors, flips...you name it, they have it all!


Best group going. All the key info, inclusive vibes, and great leadership!


I've been in Polar Chefs for a very long time and I've always gotten the best info on everything from shoes to clothing literally everything. Wouldn't rather be anywhere else.


Saw lots of videos on youtube about this group. Decided to finally join to see what its about. Members are awesome, staff are awesome and the info posted is on point. Glad i joined!


Quite impressed with the groups features. Very excited to be here and can't wait to make some money!


I’ve been a member of Polar Chefs for a few years now and I’m so glad i found this group. I has changed my life, I actually have money on the back now. I rarely have to touch my check from my 9 to 5 now. I mostly deposit that and filter a little into the stock market. I live mostly off the money i make from the the information I’m given in polar chefs. I found them a little before Covid and i honestly don’t know if i would’ve made it without them. I don’t wanna get too long winded. But i started selling sneakers first, then ventured into other things. This group helped me through it all. Exclusive info on multiple hustles, great admin that are quick to respond when help is needed, and a community of motivated people are just a few things the make this group awesome


By far the best group I've been in! The extensive resources that Polar Chef's offers have helped me grow my business and achieve my goals. The membership fee is a worthwhile investment that has paid off many times over.


Fairly new to reselling and this group opened a whole chapter of flipping items. Joined about a month now, and have made alot more then i have in previous months


Ive been a member since 2021. Have not recieve anything least of the best service ever. I appreciate every single one. of the staff for putting their hardwork into making this a great community.


Been with this group for well over a year now and have nothing but positive experiences. They give you various ways to make money and to have an ROI opportunity. So I would was disregard the monthly fee because you can cover that cost very quickly with just the simple information that provide. Don’t continue to wait…give the group a shot.


I've been in Polar Chefs for a little over a year and a half now and I have to say that it's the best cook group for the money that you pay. Only $49 a month and you get access to tons of staff that will help you with everything that you'd need as well as sneakers, flips, loops, freebies, ACO, and many more. The ACO is top tier and all you have to do is sit back and have them do all the work for you. This group is a no-brainer if you're new or an experienced reseller/botter! They also have a second server that's free where you get access to deals and other things that will literally give you free money!


Best group I’ve been in, members constantly making money and it’s one of those groups were the information is abundant. Excited for the future of this group!


The best group of people you’ll find in a server. Transparent, honest and helpful always. I’ve been a lifetime member for a couple years and I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other group.


very good group to help people out


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